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What to expect from a digital quality management system these days?

What are the main criteria for selecting a quality management system?

Which components do you include in a Request for Information for a Quality Management System? Part 2

Which components do you include in the RFI for a Quality Management System? Part 1

How to write a Request for Information for a Quality Management System?

How to make patient/client participation a success?

How to successfully implement a Digital Quality Management System?

How to choose the proper tool for patient/client participation?

Who is affected by implementing a digital Quality Management System?

How to select the appropriate participants for patient/client participation?

What can the organisation achieve with a digital Quality Management System?

Participation: How to give patients/clients a voice?

What is the purpose of a Quality Management System?

The role of patients/clients and their relatives in improving healthcare

Digital Quality Management System, a nice-to-have or necessity?

What is the connection between informed consent and patient/client participation?

To be and remain a good care professional

Care professionals, the second victim of a medical incident

What can the aviation industry teach us about safety in the healthcare sector?

From blaming & shaming to a learning organisation

Safety culture determines patient safety

Collaboration and benchmarking among Dutch Caribbean healthcare institutions

Automated healthcare processes in the Dutch Caribbean

"All is not well in paradise" - Challenges of Dutch Caribbean healthcare facilities

Make healthcare safer with transmural incident reporting

What can we learn from digital incident reporting?

Why do we not learn from incidents?

Every mistake is an opportunity to improve healthcare

Calamity disclosure as a healthcare discussion issue

A cost-effective solution for quality management in nursing homes

The pitfalls of quality registrations on paper or spreadsheets

Top 5 quality issues in nursing homes

Always Events: Make the Patient the Focus

The essence of communication in patient safety

Just Culture: addressing errors in medical care

Human error: Retributive culture versus Just Culture

The transformation to online safety reporting

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